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the Elephant Parallax

by The Elephant Parallax

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released May 1, 2010

All songs written and performed by The Elephant Parallax.

On this record 'The Elephant Parallax' are
Benigno Esau Gonzalez, David Renteria, Stephen Charouhas, and Paul Charouhas.

Engineered by Matt Brownlie
Mixed by David Renteria and Benigno Gonzalez
Mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy



all rights reserved


The Elephant Parallax San Fernando Valley, California

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Track Name: Strangers
Such curiosity
Where their velveteen stares can make
Lights in an empty sky
As we force ourselves

Into a red heat
Strangers helping me

Become elated
are we too close
If boundaries faded
Would you give in too

Into a red heat
Strangers helping me...

By ourselves
Trying to understand it
We look above
While trying not
To feel the ground erode away
Easing the winds
That carry our forgotten songs back to the wind

If the world
around us
is to crumble
into the soil
If the world around us is to crumble
crumble into the soil
crumbling into the soil
In which our seeds were sewn with expectation
Track Name: Incenfeminalgia
David Renteria, Benigno Gonzalez

Try and try to change things from within,
Will it be, Will it be?
Nothing vast comes in and…

Our struggles reveal themselves to us
In odd times and abstract forms
While we try to find a balance on their tippy toes.

Everything seems like a cycle of something
Come again and come again

And it hardly feels like it ever ends
When the background and fore meld to one,
More of what is real is revealed

And nothing vast comes in without a curse
We must try to find a way, before a way is found for us.
Change was due and change is dew,
As the fire burns throughout
Changes do and change was due
As the fire burns throughout

Brighter than anything blossoming

Everything was all right; it was never in its place
Was ours for the taking
Now incendiary talks provoke our thoughts
Holding the suns eye, the sky is ours to divide
Was ours for the taking
Now incendiary talks provoke our thoughts
Never blind but fooled by light
Was ours for ascending
Bearing witness to this gift
Brighter than anything blossoming
Track Name: Aglow From The Chasm
Stephen Charouhas

All eyes shut
Tightly sealed with thread
were those of our walls.
Arms were outstretched,
frantic and seeking
a solace or another's hand.

We were led through a blackened hall
the air still as though it had drowned.
Calling out we only heard ourselves,
our voices lost in the dark.
Nothing upon nothing became a noise ever enclosing.
We were stifled and silenced
and never knew it was so.

The hall was a scorched throat
trailing down to a charred promise.
A false asylum
our limbs were bound by a lie.
We never could have known.

Resigned to the dark we let the throat swallow.
The noise grew into a pulse.

Silent, shrouded in ash,
we lay still on the ground
still warm from the collapse.
Surrounded by the calloused void
the hollow would become our catacomb,
enshrined in ember.

When from the dark there came a breath
a cold wind cut through the black.
We felt it brush away the shroud
as our lungs filled with air.

A glint of light appeared
a single ray that severed the drowning darkness.
Aglow from the chasm.

With our hands reaching out
we grasped the scorched ground
and crawled towards the light.

Through the clearing
there was still a blur.
A veil through which we saw
no define.

We found ourselves
in a world familiar,
but knew not who we were.
If the collapse had taken our past
what was to come?
All but nothing would be the same
We came from an end.
All that we had been
was burnt away
leaving us forged from flame.
We came from an end.
Forever were we changed.

The sun at last illuminated
our sunken eyes
and we would create anew.
As the firebird had been reborn from demise
we'd rise from the ashes of ourselves.

Everything of the old,
the mind of then,
all that was known
was shed and cast away
when it was burning to the ground.
The change will come
the rotation of the self
awaits those who take their past,
take all they were
and burn it to the ground.
Track Name: Awaken A Wave
David Renteria
Awaken a wave,
crash into the weaving,
a solid glimmering kernel of...
An ocean of tastes
so thick that the mind must keep swimming
to hold on to its own.

See to it, push on,
needle in hand threading tightly
This fabric will hold strong,
mean every knot or watch yourself wash up

Sinking to explore,
the light in the dark is bright, as our head grows
A shiny chain, neck trinket
Hides your view from the seed in the sand, where the truth is

Taking us down deserted paths, as the truth is
Taking us down deserted paths, as mysterions unfold it
Taking us down to where the truth is lying

Run your fingers through and it will come
Like strands of pearls for you to wear out
The truth will blossom towards surface

Taking us out of deserted paths, the truth is
Taking us out from where the loom is spinning it
Taking us out of deserted paths into the light of day